Borrowed moments

I still can see her smiling at me. She seems to stare at me wondrously like asking all the time how I am, being away from her her too long. We see each other sometimes, often short but we enjoyed a lot. Our favorite is menacing things about mama. She often loves to to play with my ears, my nose and even my mouth. She’s such a menace sometimes.. but all the time she is so loving and sweet. She loves her mama and brother so much. Sometimes when we talked on the phone and she coughs I asked her if she had taken her medicine already, she would childishly say not yet but her mother already had. She often got a fight with her younger brother, sometime we find the biting each other and really get rough with each other. But in the end they make peace like nothing happens. I love the way they love each other so much.

Few years back.. when everything is yet so fine, Anne Sherina is one lucky kid. She could line up on the mall like she already knows everything. At two or three, she could by hotdogs on the stands on her own jumping on the cashier with her bills for them to notice that she’s there. I remember her playing with the electric plug, though the plugs are covered she managed to remove them so she got grounded a bit. Her mama called me up because she’s crying like crazy. I am at Urdaneta that time on the truck with my co-worker at PGI. We rushed into the apartment to see that she only got shocked by the current. But she kept on crying until I arrived. Anne is so bright, as soon as she learned how to talk, we are amazed day to day that she can talk like an adult.

For me, Anne Sherina is one of the most remarkable child I’ve ever seen. She often wonder why toilet bowls are different from one place to another. She watch tv like an adult as soon as she knows how to recognize characters. One time we just wonder why she badmouthed on us, until realizing she learn it from tv.

So short it seems the times we have shared. Stories to tell about her can fill a million pages. So short it seems the moments we borrowed, million years on our thoughts can’t erase.
Anne Sherina, we will never let go of your memories. We will never forget your lovely name. We will never forget your lovely yet so innocent face. Papa will never forget those birthmarks that he always checks. In our hearts you’re alive forever. In our thoughts you are smiling and giggling carelessly. Papa, Mama and Brennan will remember you for the rest of our lives.


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