Our love will never die

I’m missing you so much today. Last night I cried out loud in my bed for knowing that it’s another day tomorrow without you. I can see you everywhere my child. All I can see is you lovely smile. I can’t help but crying each time I mention your name. I know this is a bit sign of “Christian Immaturity” but I know God is letting us to feel the grief and shed some tears because He knows how much we love you. Anne, please help us to overcome all this. I know wherever you are you are in good hands, in the hands of God. Honey, we’ve done everything but we can’t change God’s perfect master plan. We believe that Papa Jesus and our lovely angel Anne Sherina is always watching us. I know you’re not losing sight to Mama, Brennan Jester and Papa. I know you will be there when everything in Papa’s life will be fine. You’ve been praying and waiting for it to happen right? Don’t worry honey Papa is going to fight all odds because he knows that you want him to take good care of Mama and Brennan. We love you Anne.


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