Anne Sherina, Mama and Brennan Jester

See how much they’ve grown up in their mother’s care. I know Anne Sherina sees her mother as a full time mother, father, teacher and doctor. When my little angel knows already that the machines around her can’t do anything about her affliction anymore she asked her Mama to make her well. Her mom is her hero. She so courageous that in spite of the pain that I knew she kept on struggling to fight the disease. She wants to get well so she won’t let her Mama down. I know Anabelle did anything to give the best care for my children. I know that she almost can’t have time for herself just to focus everything for the children. I know God have SPECIAL PLANS FOR US WHY HE GOT OUR LITTLE DAUGHTER AHEAD OF US. I know God will give us the courage to face tomorrow carrying Anne Sherina’s unforgettable memories. That in losing a future a beautiful past will always be remembered. That in remembering her sweet memories, moving on will be easier to take. We love you so much Anne!


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