My flesh and blood

How I wish to have another day to show you how much I love you. How I wish for another minute to hug and kiss you. I’m missing you so much honey. I missed the way you play with my nose and ears until I got so irritated. I missed the way I pinch your cute little nose while saying it’s cute how I wish it has grown a bit. I kept on comparing you with little girls your age and I can’t find anyone who got hairs as lovely as yours. I can’t help but melt when I see that lifeless lovely face rest upon your love hair. I can’t help but cry to see my flesh and blood, pride and joy and hopes and dreams gone too soon (forever). Help me my child to find the courage and strength to face tomorrow. Though you might not be around a moment more you will be my light to guide me through this short but uncertain journey you left me in. Day by day I will be glad to tell you what I have already gone through. What I’m in right now is just like another walk in the park and didn’t catch the bus way home. I know it’s only God, you and me who knows the pain I’m going through living without you. Anne Sherina, my child, because of you everything became easier to bear. I’ll miss you and love you forever my child.


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