Sharing my journey

I know that it’ll take time until I’ll fully recover from losing my precious child. I might not even recover at all. I’m sharing this blog and my journey that I might help others deal with their grief. I know dealing with such affliction is not an easy task. But remember that “God will always make a way when there seems to be no way”. There’s always hope.

Sharing my grief and recovery through this blog makes me feel better. Every time I see people going over this blog and somehow I touch their hearts I feel I’m doing something that my daughter wants me to do. Seeing people reading my entries and waiting for my upcoming entries inspires me to write more. Thank you appreciating my work.

For those who are having similar affliction like what me and my family is going through right now, get closer to God and you’ll be stronger.

One thought on “Sharing my journey

  1. Thanks for sharing your recovery with the world. It helps other realizes that they aren’t the only one facing such grief, and that other people are somehow going through the same thing, at one point or another in life. Your blog help other realize that because someone is physically gone, their presences remain within this world in a better form than what they were before.

    Thanks again.. justin from

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