It’s never easy letting go…

I’m here again in this little tribute I have for Anne Sherina. BTW, this is always an incomplete journal.

Today is Anne Sherina’s 10th birthday. She’s supposed to be a teenager by now. Oh my! it’s really killing me. Kids her age are already grown ups.

It’s almost four years since she went to Jesus and the feelings I have is almost the same from what I felt the day she went away. But the loneliness caused by a loss of a child is really unfathomable. When people starts to just “remember” her you will suddenly develop an extreme feeling of loneliness and longing. It’s really different when it’s your loss. People can’t relate from what you feel unless they’ve suffered the same. I know there are people who understands what I am talking about. I thank them for the empathy.

It’s never really easy letting go of someone you’ve loved so dearly. Some people just don’t understand that sometimes who wanted to talk about it or just need someone to listen to you about your grief, about your loneliness. At times, you feel your feelings are neglected and they just don’t care because it’s not their loss anyway.

It’s really never easy letting go despite acceptance and submission. There seem to be a great hole in my heart that will never be fixed.

I will miss you as long as I live Anne Sherina.


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