Matthew 19:14

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

This site is created in remembrance of my daughter Anne Sherina Garce Caido who passed last December 18, 2006. She was just 6 years old by then. Our little angel gone home to our Father, the Lord God Almighty struggling to fight a serious pulmonary affliction due to Dengue Shock Syndrome.

What pushed me to do this is to have our little angel be remembered. That one courageous little girl struggled against a serous illness. I, Anabelle and her brother Brennan Jester will be rejoining her too soon in the hands of the Father Almighty.

Anne Sherina, we will never let go of your memories. We will never forget your lovely name. We will never forget your lovely yet so innocent face. Papa will never forget those birthmarks that he always checks. In our hearts you are alive forever. In our thoughts you are smiling and giggling carelessly. Papa, Mama and Brennan will remember you for the rest of our lives. Our lifetime on earth’s purpose is to be with you too soon. Please help us build our faith so strong. Please give us the courage to move on carrying your immortal memories with us. You’ll always be remembered my darling angel. Light our way home Anne Sherina.

So long our little girl, so long.

We love you so much!

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  1. Rest in Peace Anne Sherina, you will be missed. May God give your parents and everyone loves you the strength and acceptance.

  2. I know she’s watching us from up there. I know she will be watching us for the rest of our lives. I know she’s an angel serving God right now. We love you so much Anne. We will miss you for the rest of our lives. I love you so much my little one.. I love you so much.

  3. The loss of a child is just too much to fathom . Words are never enough. I also lost my 6 year old son 6 years ago. His memories live in my heart even if death has taken him away. I hope you can joing us in The Compassionate Friends meeting on January 20, 2007. Or we can meet up for coffee. See my email.

  4. I am so sorry about your loss. I’ve lost someone too so I know how you must feel. but just imagine how happy she must be with The Lord! all my condolences go out to the whole family even if you don’t know me (i’m jinnabelle’s friend)

  5. I know my message is already late, as your precious angel is already marking the 1st year of her travel to the Lord. I know how painful it is… i just lost a son who died after living a day and the grief is so unbearable…much more with a 6-year old.

    Be strong… let us all be… as our precious children are with the Father.

  6. Your precious child is gone but not lost… just think that she’s safe and at peace in the arms of our Precious Creator..

  7. …i also lost my daughter, Lean Alessandra, just last march 26, 2008. I know it was very painful. I’m still crying hard for the lost of my sweet and lovely daughter. Her case was similar to Anee Sherina. She’s just 2 years old…very poor child….too young for that serious illness. Seeing her suffer so much in the hospital really breaks my heart. Her memories always dwell in my heart and it will always be cherished. I know she’s now an angel. But I missed my sweetlovely angel so much. I love her dearly.

  8. in pain now and barely surviving, my daughter died due to DSS too last March 11, 2008, everymorning i’m still hoping that it all a nightmare. Too young (9yo) to be gone too soon. but sometimes there were decisions that we may never understand but have to acknowledge.. although in my case i’m far from doing it.. maybe soon.. but not yet.

    You are included in my prayers as our angels watching over us..

    • Thank you for your interest in this little tribute I have for our angel Anne Sherina. it’s actually her birthday tomorrow. My sadness is overwhelming yet I have no recourse but to submit everything to God. God bless!

  9. Hi I don’t really know if you still visit this site, but I am going to leave a message anyway. I lost my child last month from Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever and it still hurts so much. I have been looking for networking sites in the Philippines that could somehow help my sister-in-law and my mother, but I have not been successful. Would appreciate it if you can please reply. Thank you.

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