Picking up the pieces

Reality bites but I know I got to pick up the pieces of my broken self. I know it is really tough and may even be tougher than I thought. I have to pick up the pieces and move on. But, no matter what baby, you’re always part of that moving on. Though you’re not around you’re always deep in my heart. Yea, moving on doesn’t mean there’s a need to forget every single thing about you. I know it means living with your memories and they become sweeter each day.

How do you deal with grief?

This blog is all about how I’m dealing with the biggest loss I ever had in my lifetime. As you can see the entries have no rules, sometimes I’m coping and sometimes everything’s back to where it all started “zero”. Yea I admit, grief on losing a precious part of your being is the loneliest emotion for being human. I’m still into deep sorrow because of losing Anne. I know it’s normal and I’m not giving myself a timetable on when I expect my self to have fully recovered. Sometimes I fell like I don’t want recovery to ever come to me instead. But I know that God will make a way for me to deal with this heartbreaking emotion.

I guess it’s about time for me to ask others on how they deal with their grief? I’m moving on but I admit that I can’t do it alone.

How do you deal with grief?