You’re in my dreams last night

I dreamed about my little angel last night. I wasn’t able to be with her during the time she was sick, but in this dream it seems that I am. It was a very sad scene because I’m looking at her so sick that she’s almost lifeless. At one instance I just sat on a corner and cried. My tears went out so carelessly that it seems not a dream. I woke up this morning feeling that it wasn’t a dream after all.


You don’t count the years

Yea, if it is about losing your own child, things are really a lot different than anything else. It is far worst than any grief you’ll ever have in your life. The feelings about it is not the fleeting kind. No matter how much you force your self to get over it so you can move on, still it’s not really going away too soon. I really can’t explain this feelings and I know it’s only God who can.

Hope & strength

LORD, I thank you for not deserting me mo matter what adversity came into my life. I know You are there with Anne Sherina watching from above waiting for the moment me and my precious one will reunite. It might not be too soon but I know it’s bound to happen. Thank you LORD for the Hope and Strength that you gave me; with that, I was able to survive every challenge the world could give. anne-sitting

I don’t know…

I really don’t know how to deal with my feelings. I’m in a situation where I can’t go where your memories are laid. It’s true that somehow I’m getting through the situation I’m in right now because I’m always busy. But, it’s never that easy afterall. I sleep late so it’s going to be a deep one when I retire at the end of the day so I won’t encounter dreams often. Because I hate it when I see you sad in my dreams. I’ll get through this somehow but it’ll never be that easy because I missing you so much.