Writing for comfort

Sometimes I feel bad that I don’t have the chance to blog my thoughts about my daughter often because of reasons which are beyond my control. Well, I feel happy that I can update this blog again. I don’t know but I can feel a connection with my daughter every time I sign in to this account to update it. This isn’t monetizing in any way, but the joy I’m getting from it knowing that I got something like this as a tribute for my little angel is something money can’t buy.

To those who stumbled upon and dropped some comments, please pardon me for not being able to answer back. Most of the time, I feel shy answering back comments. Thank you for showing your care. Somehow telling our stories gives us little relief for this tormenting grief that’s embracing our lives. I encourage you to write your thoughts also so persons who share same experience learn from each other.

I’ll get through my grief somehow. I’m trying to live with it day by day. I know there’s no cure for this very depressing kind of feeling, but writing my thoughts is relieving my sore heart.