She’s eight today

Yea, my little angel is already eight years old today. If she’s still around, maybe she is the prettiest in her class and the most intelligent of course. But she’s not. Sometimes I really wanted to ask God to turn back time but I know that He won’t grant such request.

Now all I’ve got are your memories. I’m happy to say that most of the memories I have with you are beautiful. I almost can see you smiling in front of me by now.

Anne Sherina, you’re always deep in my heart and soul. Time goes by so fast but it will always be the same for you and me. I know time will come that we will be together again.

Happy eight birthday Anne! I love you and I miss you so much! How I wish you were here.

Safe in the arms of Jesus

I know my love, my child that you are safe in the arms of Jesus already. I can feel that somewhere up above, you are happy playing with angels. I know that He needs someone as loving, sweet, innocent, pure and simple as you are to be in His care. We love you so much my child. Please ask Jesus to give us the strength to move on incomplete, but we are not moving on without you, we are moving on with your sweet memories. Honey, I’ve been counting memories and through the good and the bad all I can remember are million sweetest memories with or without you. And now your gone home for good to the Father in heaven and yet sweet memories are all left, I am so grateful to have a child like you. So short maybe the time destined for us only forever can be used to measure it. I’m going to miss you forever my dearest one. I know you can hear me still. I love you Anne Sherina