Ohh… I miss you

I just feel lonely and I don’t know why. Maybe I’m missing you so much my precious one. Words can’t explain how I miss you.

Her smile lingers

She’s got the sweetest smile. A smile I can’t stop thinking about. When I remember her laugh or chuckle then give a sweet little smile, oh my! tears can’t help but fall from my eyes. Baby I can see you smiling from heaven. Even in my sleep I hear you whispering name. Saying…

“Papa don’t worry I’m alright. Be strong and don’t give up the fight.”

When I’m down she’s lifting me up. She just smile in front of me saying…

“Pull yourself up together Papa, I’m always at your side!”

Angels among us

There are times when things really get tough and you really really got a bad day because somebody had hurt you in the most impolite manner. You heard a very bad news that your heart breaks like you can’t put it back to work again. There are times when the hurt that occurs in our lives is almost unbearable. You are tormented. You almost can’t trust anybody ever again. You want to stop what you love to do…

But angels really exist. They came in times you need them most. They are people. Good people that God send during the lowest times of your life. An angel who always pat you at the back and say boy you can get through it.