The Hurt is almost unbearable

Most of the times when I think about my little baby I’m into tears. The hardest thing is when you are on your bed and she suddenly seeps in your heart and soul and you can’t help but cry. I know God knows how I feel, how Anabelle and Brennan feels. And I know that He got the answer for all of the uncertainties that we are feeling day to day. How I missed her.. nobody can explain.

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Tears wont dry

I’m still in a very deep shock about the loss of my precious child, my little one. If only I could go where she is right now I’d really want to. I felt so sad that she’s not going to share with us the future. Maybe God have already shown her completely what she have to see in this mortal stretch of time.

But I really miss her so much. I can’t top my tears from falling every time I think of her. Of how I will face the future without her. I’m missing you so much Anne.

Now a choir member in heaven

I felt so guilty about Anne Sherina being gone. So guilty for her brother who was left alone searching for his sibling. It’s melting me down seeing Brennan singing in the choir (where they both sing) during the necrological service. Brennan got no idea that his sister is gone for good. Her mama said Brennan never goes to bed without his sister’s picture. It’s really melting me down.

But what’s keeping me standing right now is that I know that my little one is a choir member in Heaven already. Words really can’t explain the feelings of losing someone so attached with your being; but I know for sure God will wipe our tears away and we can face tomorrow bringing with us the memories of Anne Sherina and in God’s perfect time we will be reunited again.