Picking up the pieces

Reality bites but I know I got to pick up the pieces of my broken self. I know it is really tough and may even be tougher than I thought. I have to pick up the pieces and move on. But, no matter what baby, you’re always part of that moving on. Though you’re not around you’re always deep in my heart. Yea, moving on doesn’t mean there’s a need to forget every single thing about you. I know it means living with your memories and they become sweeter each day.

A future is lost

A lot of people specially her teachers at school are saying that Anne Sherina is exceptionally intelligent, well mannered, loving and kind. I’m drowning in tears when I see her handwriting which is far more better than a regular fourth year high school student. She really is a lost future. Sometimes I can’t stop my self from thinking of what she might have been when she’s grown up. With her intelligence and great interest for studying, she might have gone far. Her lola (grand mother) said she always find her apo (grandchild) doing her homework everytime she comes to visit Anne Sherina and her brother.

What an emptiness the loss of Anne Sherina had brought into my life. Words can’t explain how I feel. Temporarily few things can make me smile but the thoughts of my precious child always brings longing and loneliness for the reality that she is separated from us until the day our souls reunites again.