5 thoughts on “Ohh… I miss you

  1. i also lost my daughter just last march 26,2008. i undestand what you are feelin’ right now. I think this is the worst pain i’ve ever encountered. I’m still crying hard for the lost of my daugther. All we can do for now is to keep on praying so that we can be able to cope up and eventually be able to live a new normal life. I really missed my daughter. I could only turn back the time….just an hour ….I will hug her…kiss her….and tell her how much i love her. I’ll include you in my prayers….please pray for me as well…Godbless!!!!

  2. I can almost feel your pain, but mine is on the mother side. My daughter passed away last March 11, 2008 due to dengue shock syndrome as well.. it was too sudden and unexpected, knowing a lot of people survived that illness. She is a very healthy kid, loving , sweet and smart daughter.. She’s only 9 yo, my heart is aching everyday.. i’m barely surviving now…

  3. Forgive me for posting here though I havent lost a child, I’ve lost my mom and dad and I am an only child. My mom in 2005 and my dad just a year ago that until now, i havent fully recovered or accepted that I lost them. I am a mother of a sweet 2 year old boy. I have a new family of my own.. but somehow I still feel incomplete. Living my 28 years of my life with my parents made me feel like i was left alone in this world. I feel so much pain thinking of the past events that happened to my mom and dad.

    The pain of losing a child I think is unbearably painful than losing parents. That is why I feel a lil comfort reading your messages. I t somehow make me realize that I am not the only one in this world that feels pain and loss. I do want to write a blog on this. I wanted to shout out loud the pain and depression Im going through,…. I wasnt able to grief for my parents. I barely cry on their funerals. it was bec i didnt want the world to feel pity on me.. but I do need to grief and I do need to let go or Ill never be a whole again. I am still hoping and praying for the day that I’ll feel better again…

  4. I may not feel how hard it is to lose someone who came out inside you but I do feel an extreme feeling of loneliness for losing someone who’s too attached to my being. For sure, the future will be very different for parents like us who’ve suffered such tremendous loss, but I know God will make a away for us to deal with our grief.

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