Grieving soul

You are in my dreams. You will never leave my thoughts. You are still an inspiration, my reason to live. I’m in tears, I’m deep sorrow every time I remember you. You are my heart and my soul, my flesh and my blood. Now that you are an angel in the hands of heaven you are still a part of me. You’ve shown me the light, the right path that I will follow for me to follow you. You will always be beside, making me smile whenever I get tired. I’m still standing tall because of you. I know you love me and you know I loved you so much. I grieve and I’m in deep sorrow. My heart is so broken that it almost don’t want to beat anymore. In my heart no one can take your place. In my soul you are my dearest one. My first baby, my love.

Through the rain

It’s getting cold and the sun is bleak. A future is gone and the past wont speak. I know tomorrow the sun will shine but it’s getting through a whole in my heart. Our love has been perfect and unconditional, are hearts speaks though we seldom talked. Our souls were united though we’re not together too much. I can hear your scream when you are in pain. I can hear you voice calling my name. But baby, your pain is over and your sufferings are gone. No more sorrows, no more pain. No more broken hearts, no more tears.

Touch my soul embrace my spirit. Only in that way I can offer you a kiss. Nobody wants that we will be apart too soon. But nobody knows what the future could bring. Nobody knows why God left those collective prayers unanswered. Nobody knows why the body is weaker than the soul. Only our refuge in heaven can explain all that. Only when I’m with you will I understand. The rain is pouring and it’s drowning my soul. Only then my child when we are united again in the hands of heaven the rain will stop. I’m missing you so much with every bit of my soul. I love you so dearly my Anne Sherina, my little one.