It’s alright, she says

When I’m sad she comes to me with a thousand smile… it’s alright, it’s alright she says…

I heard that line from a song from a mainstream band. I don’t know to whom it was written for, but I can relate to the song what I’m going through right now.

It seems that those words came from my little angel for me when I’m sad.
When I’m alone I love closing my eyes coz I can see her smile.

I know that she is watching from above and she knows so well when I need her for courage and strength. She’s always there to say it’s alright Papa, things will be just fine.

Her smile lingers

She’s got the sweetest smile. A smile I can’t stop thinking about. When I remember her laugh or chuckle then give a sweet little smile, oh my! tears can’t help but fall from my eyes. Baby I can see you smiling from heaven. Even in my sleep I hear you whispering name. Saying…

“Papa don’t worry I’m alright. Be strong and don’t give up the fight.”

When I’m down she’s lifting me up. She just smile in front of me saying…

“Pull yourself up together Papa, I’m always at your side!”